The main aim of Boosh would be not only to succeed with a professional service and excellent technical ability, but also to create a communal environment in which our clients can relax and feel comfortable. we have tried to achieve this by using state of the art lighting and a fusion of modern and classic design. Our whole design ethic has been formed around the client, for the client, we have achieved this by incorporating some classic design furniture such as the legendary Barcelona chairs to state of the art back-basins for comfort. we have designed and made fiber optic floating ceilings to not only make it more tranquil for the clients, but also to give them a better experience whilst being shampooed.
We have used the likes of Tom Dixon copper lighting shades to give the sense of a modern salon, but also using subtle details and effects such as Cole & Son vintage wallpaper on accent walls. rather than using single mirrors per client we have instead mirrored entire walls to give the sense of togetherness, this has worked amazingly. we how find the clients not only feel comfortable, but also interact with each other more.
As retail is such a large aspect of our business, we have spared no expense on the best quality display stands which light up and frame the products beautifully, thus making the products a whole lot more sellable. We also operate our own recycling scheme which recycles 80% of every material used. We have included low energy saving lights where possible. We have also included a broad spectrum library in addition to the more mainstream magazines.
We hope that you will appreciate the effort and thought that has gone into this project as well as our clients. We believe that with further inspection, you will appreciate our attention to detail.
We feel that Swansea not only needed a quality service, but also a quality designed salon. We know that the hype and buzz that our efforts have created will be an asset to Swansea and an inspiration to others, not just compete to look good, but to help put Swansea City back into the forefront of design, thus making the city a better place to be.
And with nothing further to say we will leave you with the comment that our clients receive on there departure....

Hope you enjoyed the Boosh experience!





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